A multisport traverse of the entire Hudson River from its source high in the mountains all the way to where it meets the sea: New York City.


Imagine a journey undertaken on foot, bike and boat that starts in pristine wilderness at a hidden mountain lake, giving rise to one World’s great rivers. Then follow that river as it winds its way downstream, carving a course through a lush valley before finishing as a colossal waterway amidst the most famous icons in America in the hustle and bustle of New York City. This is Source to City – a multi-sport descent of the mighty Hudson River traversing all 300 miles of its course.

The river itself flows from a little-known lake in the High Peaks Wilderness area of the Adirondacks of Upstate New York and makes it way down the Hudson River Valley: A breath-taking tour-de-force of American beauty, steeped in culture and the very cradle of the Nation’s history. The river officially terminates at ‘mile 0’ at The Battery, at the very tip of Manhattan Island. Celebrate as you finish this challenge amid the skyscrapers of Wall Street and with the Statue of Liberty in clear view – a magical end to an incredible adventure.

Our challenge encompasses running and trekking, biking and kayaking. This is the ultimate mountain, river and road trip all combined into one helluva multi-sport adventure. Make no bones about it, this one does not pull any punches and this event is a seriously committing undertaking. But it is forged in true Rat Race-style: The objective is achievable to anyone who fronts up, trains hard and commits to the start line.

Take on this 300 mile one-way journey along the entire length of the Hudson River Valley from its source to its mouth at New York City with a 22 mile trek/mountain run, 21 mile kayak and 260 mile bike ride over 4 days.

The kayak stage includes the Hudson Highlands, a stunning section of river flanked by some of the United States’ most historic sites. The event is fully supported with pit stops (feed stations), logistic support, bike mechanics and kayak safety, with 3 nights accommodation included as well as a sensational finish  amidst the skyline of New York City and a Wrap Party, food and beers in Manhattan. Transfer options are also available to get you and your gear upstate pre-event plus bike rentals for those who wish.


including water safety, sweeper crews, medics, pit stops with snacks and drinks


water safety staff, boats and water recovery planning


lodgings in comfortable hotel accommodation at the end of days 2, 2 and 3


for you and your gear up to the start line at Lake Placid area


high value, including T-shirt and medal


for safety and supporter interaction


(double or single) or use your own boat


from location to location throughout the event


 with complimentary meal and beverage in downtown Manhattan

Skill Level

We have rated this challenge as Technical rating 7/10 and Endurance rating 7/10What does this mean?

Technical rating:

This is a committing proposition with a very good support system around you. It does not require super-human skills to access, however. The initial run/ trek stage is both open and accessible to anyone who has a decent level of fitness and who is up for a challenge. The cycling will cover long distances, but there are no major climbs so it’s all very nice going. A dependable road bike in good condition will do the business.


Endurance rating:

Participants should expect a long outing here over 4 full days of physical activity. This is a very bold Challenge with a very clear and tangible objective: A full multisport traverse of the entire Hudson River Valley. As with all Rat Race events however, the concept is designed to be tough, but achievable. This is not a ‘sufferfest.’ More-so it is a stunning journey through a delightfully varied landscape – big on views, big on history, big on adventure. The undertaking should not be under-estimated of course. A good dose of general fitness is required and an appreciation of the challenges of the 3 disciplines involved and also the distances involved will stand you in very good stead for completion of the job-in-hand.

Enjoy the journey and feel the burn in the arms and legs after a job well done! Those sundowners at Key West will never have tasted so good!


This event has been designed so you can enjoy a sensational extended weekend in the Hudson River Valley with friends, family and supporters.

Equally, it is well doable as a solo mission and you will meet some great people and make great friends en route. Folk can also follow you from home too with our ground-breaking satellite tracking service.

If you are bringing supporters, they are welcome to drive you and your gear to the transition locations, collect gear post-race from these locations and cheer you on from these transition areas. Whilst they may also attend the pit stops en route, parking will be an issue at some of these locations so we will publish clear guidance on ‘where to go and where not to go.’

You can also purchase extra beds for them at the overnight hotels so they can stay with you; plus extra meal vouchers so they can attend the post-race celebration dinner.

Prices are as follows:

Support bed in Race Hub hotel: TBC
Celebration meal and beverage supporter voucher: $30

Work for us on this event

Ever fancied working on an event in somewhere like Upstate New York an coming on a road trip with us? We have limited spaces for Volunteers to come and experience this superb adventure from the coalface with our volunteer programme.

We have spaces for volunteering within our event team at these events. These roles work alongside our professional event crew, dealing with logistics and customer services at the events. For those intrepid enough to take up the challenge you will be rewarded with the same mementos as the participants, plus lodging and food whilst on the trip. There are also vouchers for Rat Race events up for grabs, both in the US and globally. Just get yourself to lake Placid and away from the finish at NYC and we will look after you in between.