Rat Race will provide:

  • Water safety support in the kayak leg, including safety boats, safety paddlers and shore-based pit stops along the kayak route.
  • Vehicle support throughout cycling stages, including sweeper service, medical support, mechanic support and pit stop food and beverage provision. (See Food/ Accommodation/ transport for more details on the pit stops and other trip catering provisions).
  • Mountain safety staffing on the mountain run/ trek stage. You will pack in all of your food and water into this stage, but our staff will be with you out on the hill in support in case you need our assistance.
  • Satellite tracking and GPS routing device: Rat Race will provide ground-breaking satellite tracking, with units which allow us to see where you are at all times for your safety. It also allows your loved ones and supporters to keep track of your progress, should you wish to share. The device will also be uploaded with a track of the route, for them to follow on the device across all stages.
  • Kayaks, flotation aids and paddles are provided for everyone.
  • Bag transfer s throughout the trip. Your overnight gear will be transported from the start to each of the overnight accommodation locations; and then to the finish at the end of day 4. We will also transport transition bags to the foot – bike transition (day 1) and the bike – run transition (day 4).
  • Special-edition Race Bib to go over all items of clothing (quality, lightweight, wicking fabric).

The participant will provide:

  • For kayaking: Their own kayak, flotation aid and paddle OR a rental kayak, buoyancy aid and paddle from us.
  • For cycling: Their own bike, helmet and cycling clothing. Talk to us if you want to rent a bike. Our partners can arrange a rental for you – handy for the logistics if you’re from out of State of overseas.
  • For running/ trekking: Their own running footwear or trekking shoes, appropriate clothing and a daypack to carry spare clothes, food, water and emergency supplies.
  • Their own footwear, running gear, pack large enough for the self-sufficient.
  • A full kit list will be published soon, with detailed information on kit required, weights, dimensions and recommendations, plus all specialist items required. Most of what is required is ‘standard’ running and cycling gear for the warm Keys climat, plus a kayak rental or your own boat.

Mandatory Equipment

A mandatory kit list will be published here closer to the event. Don’t worry – there is nothing too onerous on it.