Food and Bev

Provided within the trip costs are:

  • Included each day and featuring hot and cold selections plus hot drinks
End of day Beer’n’Snack
  • We will also offer a simple meal and a beer to all finishers at the end of each day with our compliments, for a job well done!
Meal at Finish party in Manhattan
  • Including a celebration hot meal for all participants and a complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. Further beverages (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are not provided. A vegetarian option will always be provided.
Pit Stops
  • Where we offer pit stop (for kayak, bike and Manhattan run stages), we will offer savoury and sweet snacks, bananas, sports drink (carb-based powder for you to add to your water at your own discretion) and water.
  • Please note that the pit stop provision whilst on the route does not consist of ‘full meals’ and will be more snack-based grab n’ go options, to reflect the journey being undertaken. You are welcome to bring your own foodstuffs and we will transport it with us on the route in your transition bags (these are accessed at transitions only and not pit stops). We would also advise that if you have sports nutrition products that you know work for you, please bring them with you.
  • See below for information on gluten-free and vegan provision.
  • A complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink is offered with our compliments at end of each day along with a simple plate of something hearty.
  • A complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink is offered with our compliments at the celebration dinner in Manhattan.

Participants will cover costs for:

  • All meals pre and post Challenge (outwith the times and sates stated above).
  • All meals, room charges and beverages (outside the ones mentioned above) at our overnight accommodation stops.

Gluten-free, vegan or other dietary requirements

Some Gluten-free and Vegan provision will be made at the pit stops en route; although if you have food intolerances please do ensure you check with us on our provision as you may need to augment with your own supplies in the desert camps. Please contact us in advance with any specific dietary requirement questions well in advance.

We will ensure a choice of GF, vegan and vegetarian options is available for the celebration dinner in Manhattan.



Prior to the event start, no accommodation is provided. There is loads of accommodation options in Lake Placid and the towns of Keene and Keene Valley, all of which are local to the start area.

Your event entry includes a night’s accommodation at each of the end of days 1, 2 and 3. This will be in a comfortable hotel/motel with good amenities and will offer secure storage for your bikes also.

On conclusion of the event at Manhattan, participants will select and reserve their own lodgings, or depart for home.


Provided within the trip costs are: 

  • Transport of your overnight gear from the Start line at lake Placid to all overnight locations and then onwards to the finish line in Manhattan.
  • Transport of your transition bags from our lake Placid Start line (which you will drop at Registration on the Thursday) to the foot-bike transition.
  • Transport of your transition bag from overnight on day 3 at Cold Spring (which you will drop with us on the evening of day 3 or the morning of day 4) to the bike – run transition on day 4 for Manhattan run.
  • Bike transportation can be arranged as a courier pick-up service from your home OR from our event hub in New York City. More details to follow.

Participants will cover costs for:

  • Travel to and from Lake Placid.
  • Onward itineraries from Manhattan after the conclusion of our itinerary there.

Getting to the Event

The event is HQ’ed in lake Placid, which is 5 hours drive north from New York City and accessed by the Interstate. It also has a small regional airport, or fly into Newburgh International airport for wider connecting services, a 3 hour drive away. This is the hub to which you must arrive to pick up your race packet. From here, there are satellite locations at which you must drop your bike and your kayak (if using your own equipment). We can help with these logistics, however. See below. There are also kayak and bike rental options for those who do not wish to transport or utilise their own equipment.

If coming to the event from out of State or abroad, we recommend flying into a New York City area airport and renting a car.

So what about your bike and gear?

When you arrive, our ‘standard’ logistic service sees us move your bag and bike down the course for you, where required. If renting a kayak, we will also deal with getting that to the kayak leg put-in for you and after the kayak leg, you just leave it with us. If you wish for your supporters to move your gear – whether to the start line, to the kayak kayak put-in and then onwards to the finish line from the final bike transition (bike) that is also fine. A handy map here shows the various locations. As you can see, it’s all very accessible from the Highway network.

Self-supported or Event-supported?

We recognise that there are a lot of moving parts with such an event. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access the start and get away from the finish and concentrate on the task in hand, which is a big enough logistic for you to concentrate on! We have therefore put together a few rental options for you to make your life easier and in essence, you can complete this challenge self-supported or fully-supported by us. These rental options can be selected in isolation or all together; or not at all. If you wish to just turn up with a bag, rent everything and be dropped back at the airport afterwards, no problem. It is also possible to self-drive yourself to Registration at Lake Placid and with supporters being welcome to attend and assist you with these logistics as you make your way down the course. We have put a menu of transportation and rental options together on this page here. Please note that all charges are in addition to the Event Fee.


Bike rental, including helmet, pump, puncture repair kit and tool kit $200
Bike is set up for you at HQ, then deposited for you at the bike transition and collected after the event from the final bike transition on day 2. No moving any bikes for you! Supplied with flat peddles but you may fit your own clip-in peddles if you wish. Our bike rental service includes the in-event services of a bike mechanic.

Rentals: BUY HERE

Transportation from New York City area to Lake Placid, including via bike transition so you can set up your bike $150
For you, your bike and your gear (we cannot move kayaks on this service). Our RV will be in downtown Manhattan with a pick up at JFK International airport also. This service departs on Thursday 24th September in the morning and arrives in time to connect with our Registration and other pre-event services that day.

Transportation of your kayak to Poughkeepsie from Lake Placid $75
If you’re using your own boat and you simply want to pitch up with your boat and for us to move it for you, we can do. Simply give it to us in Lake Placid and we will take it to Poughkeepsie. It will be available for you to collect until the end of Tuesday 29th September in Cold Springs. We can also arrange for it to be delivered back to New York City area if required (Please note: We cannot be held responsible for scratches or accidental damage). New York City area additional transit post-event: $75

Transportation for your bike to the finish line from day 2 bike transition $50
We take your bike to The Battery from the final bike – run transition, 13 miles out next to the George Washington bridge. The ‘standard’ logistic sees the bikes remain at our Jersey transition area for you to collect at your leisure up to midday on Tuesday 29th September (security in place overnight).

Transportation Options: BUY HERE