Ok let’s start by stating the obvious. You do need to kayak to be able to attempt this event. The Hudson is tidal at this section of the river and there is some flow in the river, albeit it’s fairly slow. It’s a long day in the boat for any paddler however, before you’ve added on the cycling and running legs. As such, we can’t allow people who have never been in a boat before to undertake this event. Which means we have laid out some guidance on what we expect on the level required to undertake the challenge. It’s not meant to be intimidating or out of reach and anyone who has done some paddling will be able to achieve this level quickly, with some refreshment of skills. If you have never paddled, you can get there too, but you will need to take some tuition and/ or spend some time in the boat between now and the off. You can learn more about the level of paddling skill we expect here. One thing is for sure – this is a superb kayak leg and the opportunity to descend this section of the river through the Highlands is very unique. It is rarely travelled for this distance and certainly not in such an outstanding event format such as this with loads of other paddlers around you.

Kayaking skill level required for this event

We expect that you will be able to:

  • Be comfortable and have had some experience in a solo enclosed kayak (or a double, if that is what you select).
  • Be confident steering a straight course and the various strokes to be able to turn your craft efficiently.
  • Be comfortable sitting in a kayak for extended distances.
  • Be able to exit your craft under control, should you capsize and to be able to call for help.
  • Please note that sit-on-top kayaks, whilst providing good paddling experience, are not used or permitted in this event


The bike stage is all on smooth tarmac and as you would expect for a river making its way downstream, it is all pretty much flat, rolling and downhill! As such, this is classed as ‘easy’ riding. Only problem is – there’s 260 miles of it…..

With 20 miles of serious mountain terrain in the legs and a 20 mile paddle breaking it up, this is not to be underestimated. There may be a headwind and 260 miles is still a very very long way to peddle. But you will be rewarded with the thrill of the Great Outdoors – fresh air, amazing scenery, wildlife around you and hopefully, a good fast ride along a sensational riding route.

Mountain Run/Trek

The mountain stage takes place in the High Peaks Wilderness of the Adirondacks mountain and features a 20 mile thru-hike of some incredible trails, including an ascent over the summit of Mount Marcy. This is serious terrain with 3000 feet of ascent. It is remote and the weather can turn quickly, plus there are Bears. You need to be prepared – packing in your own food, water, medical kit and spare clothing in a backpack and selecting footwear that won’t let you down when the going gets tough underfoot. It’s a superb trail though. You’ll love it.

Urban Run/Trek

You can walk or run the foot stages. We have designed the format of this event so that the final half marathon foot route will be suitable for fast or slower paces. Open her up and lay down a fast, flat half marathon time (we’ll be impressed with any PBs!) or just kick back, take your foot off the gas and enjoy the final miles into New York City, following the Hudson to journey’s end. Then enjoy a brewski or 4 – you’ve earned it!